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We create smarter, more sustainable and human environments.

We are a consulting firm specialized in smart cities.
We are guided by the premise of creating people-centered solutions.

We accompany our clients so that they can integrate technology, innovation and data-driven planning and migrate from traditional management to smart management. We have a multidisciplinary team that adjusts to the needs of each project and we work in diverse environments with companies, the public sector, multilateral organizations, investors, entrepreneurs, startups and individuals so that they can implement a SMART approach in their local contexts.

Global approach with a Latin American seal

Global approach with a
Latin American seal

Trend Smart Cities was created with the objective of helping to transform cities into smarter and more sustainable environments, where innovation and technology are at the service of people.
This is the imprint of its founder and director, Lucía Bellocchio, one of Latin America's references in smart cities. Lucía is Argentine by birth and global citizen by choice, with a valued multicultural experience. She directs the Diploma in Smart Cities at the School of Government of the Universidad Austral (Argentina). Her knowledge on the main smart debates and trends, and her interdisciplinary approach to urban challenges, lead her to participate in projects and events in different cities around the world.


Consulting, education and trends in
smart cities

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